Aligned Action

This morning I was inspired to share my thoughts about the concept of aligned action with you. First of all, What is aligned action? Aligned action is action that is taken in alignment with your  Soul. When you take aligned action, you are working in harmony with your Soul instead of going against it and life flows. It  also means that you stand up for your truth, owning your Yes’s and owning your No’s. Effortlessness is a sign you are in alignment, resistance and struggle, a sign you are not.

How many times and this includes myself, have you taken action when something inside of you said not to take action, or to wait, or guided you to do something else but you ignored this. How many times has this resulted in a peaceful state of mind?  Probably none.When you are aligned with your Soul, you are at peace because you are living from love and trust  instead of fear and distrust.Sometimes aligned action means taking no action but remaining in trust. Something our mind does not like doing but our heart does. We have to remember that as we are ascending to a higher vibration of consciousness, we need to become more fine tuned to our intuition and really follow what is good for us. When we are not in alignment with our truth, we are not grounded, easily swayed by the opinions of others and susceptible to fear and negativity. We lose ourselves in the voices of others, thereby forgetting our own voice.

Energetic Sovereignty

As I have been reclaiming my truth, I have been reclaiming my energetic sovereignty. Clearly establishing healthy boundaries, in which I own my yes’s and  own my no’s and really following my intuition all the way through.  Owning your yes’s and no’s, means that you say yes or no from your place of truth and do not halfheartedly say yes or no. When you say yes but actually feel a no, you are not being true to who you are and something will feel off inside of you.Sometimes we are afraid to follow the nudges we sense inside of us because of the changes they might create perhaps turning our whole world upside down.  If we ignore this form of guidance from our Soul, we become the victim of our fear thereby limiting our light to shine fully.  Your Soul knows the way to a happier and fulfilling life for you and you will find the more you align with it, the easier it  becomes to connect with your heart and follow a path of joy.

As an afterthought, here is Fia’ s song which is all about taking aligned action.




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