Dear Beautiful Soul,

We are living in an unprecedented time of change. A time in which we are asked to fully step into our power and to live from love instead of fear. In order to step into your power, you need to know who you are. You need to have a voice and own it.

  • Have you always followed the voices of other people because you have been conditioned to and have never learnt to use your own Voice?
  • Have you been ridiculed for speaking up and therefore are afraid to be heard?
  • How much do you value your own Voice? Owning Your voice is a deep expression of Self love and is a part of who you really are.

Details of the Program

I have developed a program to help you to discover your own voice, so that you can express yourself completely in alignment with your Authentic Self. This is a 8 week program consisting of personal aligned coaching and is built around an ancient old meditation from the Sufi tradition called the Latifa.This meditation awakens higher consciousness within 7 areas of your body. These 7 areas are all linked to 7 fundamental themes of your existence: Acceptance, Desire, Hope, Faith, Surrender, Love and I Am. Please watch my video for further explanation.

How will Finding your Voice help you?

The program will help you to remember who you really are. It will take you on an inner journey and serve to reconnect with all parts of you; the light and the shadow, but also suppressed parts that have been ignored because of pain and sadness. By finding your voice, you will be able to reclaim your power and live more in alignment.

  • You will be able to own your Yes’ s and No's
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Deepen your Self love
  • Grow in Self esteem 

Finding your voice uses coaching, guided meditation, journaling, and music as its main tools. I have found this combination to be very powerful as it helps to ground you and heal the shadow in you.

You will receive the following:

  • 1 and ½ hour coaching and guidance each week (One hour in which we do the meditation together plus a visualization exercise and 30 minutes to focus on what has shifted that week.)
  • Weekly assignments related to the 7 themes 
  • A Tailormade recording of the Latifa meditation 

Booking details 

Normally this program costs 777 Euros but if you are amongst the first 10 people who sign up for this course after the 4th of July 2020, you only pay 555 Euros!

So sign up now and unleash the beautiful woman inside of you!

Eveline Zwikker is a Soul translator and Spiritual teacher based in the Netherlands, who teaches highly sensitive women with self esteem issues to realign with their soul and reclaim their power and divine gifts, so that they can live empowered lives. By being a powerful channel and catalyst, Eveline lovingly guides her clients to their Authentic Self.

What are you waiting for ? Rediscover your own voice and become empowered !

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