Just Me- Coronafied


It has been a while that I have written a Just Me piece. This is mainly because I have been busy homeschooling my son and creating my new spirit led business. However, I Have also been just trying to make sense of everything happening around me . Now that I have set foot again in post lockdown world, I feel coronafied- a word I just came up with to describe the extent Corona has taken control of our day to day to lives.

First of let me just say that I am grateful that we have reached this stage because I know many countries in the world such as the United States and Latin America and Africa are still in a lockdown and the situation is very bleak. I hope you will be able to reopen the economy safely once you have reached the peak of the virus.

Here in the Netherlands, cafes, theaters, museums. hairdressers and beauticians have all opened their doors again which is a huge sigh of relief for the businessowners as well as their clients. Although Dutch society has been reopened, I feel even more restricted than when we were in lockdown. Forget about getting your hair or nails done spontaneously , or popping into a café for a bite to eat, everything is by appointment only and subject to strict interrogation and RULES.

My first experience of the Post lock down world was when I went to get my hair cut. Finally, after feeling like a disheveled dog for months , I got to have my haircut. I was really looking forward to this but the appointment felt very strange. I was first interrogated ( it really did feel like an interrogation) about my health and previous contact with other people who had contracted the virus, then had to disinfect my hands. Afterwards I was allowed to proceed to the waiting room which was devoid of magazines and filled with much less chairs than usual. (The social distancing rule states that you are not allowed to loiter in the waiting room. You need to be seated and may not stand.) These changes made me feel awkward and the vibe felt off. Anyhow, I was next ushered to the rinsing basins for washing hair and noticed that the basins were divided with dividers again in accordance to the social distancing rule. Coffee and tea were not offered, making this trip to the hairdresser a rather sober experience. To make matters worse, my hairdresser was in a doomsday mood and rambled on about how we are all on the brink of a global war. Needless to say, I needed to get out of there asap.

I feel what we are missing now is spontaneity and fun. Every move we make seems controlled somehow and fear of violating the rules has become leading in society. It is making us act weird with each other and fosters wariness. For example, If you dare to cough in a supermarket or while walking down a street, you are immediately penalized by fear ridden stares. I am almost afraid to cough!

If you want to meet two friends and hang out in the park, you can get fined and written up for having committed a violation since three people hanging out are defined as a gathering. The same rule applies to having 3 people in the same car? Seriously? Is this what our Society has come to?

I want life to get back to normal but what is normal nowadays? Am I supposed to accept that living from fear is normal, to distrust others if they have a cold of cough? What about trust and acceptance and love? Have they all just taken a backseat? I really hope not because if we do not make love the driving force in our lives and let fear dominate, we are susceptible to more manipulation and in for a rough ride.

I do not know if I can accept this new status quo. I guess I have to in order to remain at peace but in chartering these unchartered waters, I will keep om standing up for love because to me that is the most normal thing to do. Without love in our hearts, we will continue to be at war with ourselves and with others.

A reminder to keep on focusing on love is this beautiful song by Fia the Nature of love