Just Me- Finding Me

Finding me

After a period of soul searching and extensive clearing, I can finally say that the fruits of my labor are paying off: I feel much more connected to myself and can be more myself without being afraid. It is as if the missing pieces of the puzzle are slowly falling into place to allow my authentic Self to shine through. All this clearing I have been doing in my house from my shed to my closets, has cleared away the debris blocking my core and has made room for the real me, devoid of conditioning and devoid of fear . Even my root canal seems to have served a purpose. I have learnt to surrender and trust more. How liberating!

The daily Writing of my Morning Notes which is an exercise taken from Julia Camerons’s creative writing process “The Artist’s Way “ has also helped me to find and listen to my inner voice and to retrieve a part of me that was lost in the past. In this exercise you are asked to write down all your thoughts, fears, everything that wants to be expressed, vented etc ..so you can delve dipper into yourself and create an inner dialogue with your heart. This inner dialogue then helps you to unblock your creative artist that has been blocked through negativity, self doubt or conditioning. A very profound and healing exercise.

I feel that this missing part I have retrieved, belongs to the professional I used to be working in the field of international education. Despite being good at my job and liking it, I experienced a burnout and never ventured down that road again probably out of fear. Life also took me down another road involving other challenges and allowing me to develop the more spiritual side of me. Now it feels as if both parts of me are allowed to integrate more. The heart and mind if you like. Instead of just living a life from the mind or from the heart for that matter, it is more about combining the heart and mind so they can be of service to my soul. Finding the true me gives me a profound sense of identity and inner strength whicjh is priceless.

Whilst I was I in shop, I was struck by a sign that said” I my own version of beautiful.”
This is so true. There is no one but me who sings her own melody. No one but me who shapes her life according to her own truth., note for note unfolding gently from my heart.
Through everything I have experienced thus far, I truly believe that the greatest form of self love is allowing to be Just You!

What better way to express your true colors than Cyndi Lauper’s song : True Colors.
Enjoy being you!