Just Me- Locked down

Just me- Locked down

Lockdown. Quarantine. Stay at home . Nowadays these words have become part of our daily vocabulary. The world is in major lockdown.Our daily lives have been locked down, and our routines have been disrupted. The world as we know it has come to an abrupt halt. Just take a moment to let this sink in, mankind is being asked to reset itself bigtime. It feels surreal and yet its real.

The Corona Virus has penetrated all layers within our society but has also invaded our lives. There is no way of avoiding its impact as schools, companies, streets, parks and beaches, bars and restaurants are all closed . A profound silence has descended upon us as result. For some unsettling, for others more than welcome. This silence helps us to reflect, revaluate and to turn towards our inner world for guidance
To me the outer world has been put on hold, to allow more room for the heart. I see this Virus reaching into the very core of our being purging us of pain, and our limiting beliefs which is kind of beautiful if you think about it ( and forget about the deaths it is causing.)

We are all in the same boat. Locked down and sitting ducks. In this lockdown modus we are presented with a new reality .Working from home, home-schooling and having our worlds become very small. Social distancing ourselves from our loved ones and the general public has become the norm. We are asked to surrender and keep the faith and to keep the love alive in our hearts. Our freedom is restricted for the greater good and our emotions are going haywire. You can feel happy one moment, then sad another or grief struck. This is part of the new normal as we are all learning to adjust to something unprecedented.
This is the downside. On the upside History is being made as we speak. Never before has there been this amount of love and unity across the planet. Never before have there been such beautiful acts of love for the greater good. The I have been replaced by the We. We are all in this together. We can endure what we need to endure as long as we support each other in our fears and grief but also share each other’s joy. All across the globe, people are dancing, singing, meditating together all for the greater good. Wow!

Take a moment just to see how blue the sky is, how the birds are joyfully singing, how the sun warms your skin. Now you have to time to become more aware of your surroundings and thus more appreciative. It is the little things that count in the end: the smile on your child’s face, the love your pet gives you but also the fact that you exist as a loving being on this planet.

I think it’s exciting to bear witness to this massive awakening that is taking place and I feel moved by how many people are going above and beyond the call of duty to save lives.

It’s definitely a huge challenge, we are going through but we will come out stronger in the end with more love in our hearts and an elevated level of consciousness.

I have chosen Ashana’s song Into your Arms to support you through these unchartered waters and to help you surrender. Stay safe and happy and healthy. xxx