Just Me- The Art of Letting Go

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you feel stuck? Where you seem to swimming against the current the whole time? It in these moments that we are asked to surrender. Surrender means letting go of the preconception of our life and allowing life’s own wisdom to guide us. Most of us have a a plan about how our life should be and we do our utmost to stick to this plan. The plan is everything and when it falls apart we raise our hands in despair and say “ well that was not part of the plan” But is this really true? Only our soul knows what is true for us and not our Ego. What happens if you really let go of about how your life should be and instead allow it it to unfold from within in accordance with your true self?
When life seems to stagnate, things are not going to plan, we are given the opportunity to let go and surrender. We let go of the I which is connected to our Ego so that we can reconnect with the wisdom of our Soul. In a state of surrender, we show our desire to connect with the Higher Will of our Soul which is led by love.

At this moment in time, I am in a state of surrender. My root canal was supposed to be wrapped up yesterday but due to a complication, I have to wait until next week. I felt very disillusioned because I thought I would be done. At first I felt angry thinking well this was not supposed to happen and resisting the truth of the matter. Then I realized resistance is not helping here because I cannot change the reality of what is. What I can do is change my attitude and accept and surrender and refrain from delving into negative thoughts. It is easy to start thinking negative thoughts when you are resisting life and to play the role of a victim.
When you are in a state of Surrender, you acknowledge that your plan is not working and you are ready to give it up and open up to the higher wisdom of your soul.
So now because I have surrendered, I have more inner peace and know everything is going to be ok.

Here is a beautiful song sung by Fia about the Art of letting of go, showing us the beauty of surrender.