Just Me- Unity Consciousness

I  was just listening to this beautiful music called All Human Beings by Max Richter and it made me think about Unity Consciousness and how far we are from achieving this given all the dissension and polarization going on in the world.

I believe that the purpose of the Corona Virus is to create unity consciousness on our planet. As it exposes the shadow in the world, we are exposed to our own shadows and asked to harmonize all parts of us. 

When our hearts and mind are in balance and aligned with our Soul, we are no longer at war with ourselves and when we are no longer at war with ourselves, we do not have to project this anger energy to the world and can live in harmony with the world as opposed to fighting and destroying it. Only by seeing the shadow in us and in the world can we move to a more harmonious state of being and a heart centred consciousness But as the shadow is being exposed in our economies and governments and societies, fear is being triggered and the danger is that we remain in fear and anger and forget to love. Where there is fear, we are more susceptible to control and manipulation of power and our own light gets dimmed,

I feel very strongly that we have to keep on fighting for our energetic sovereignty and for what we believe is true for us. We need to continue to have our voices be heard and not be afraid of having our voices stifled.

The Black Lives matter movement is a beautiful example of mankind standing up for its voice. Slavery and abuse of black people should be recognized as a a grave injustice but any type of abuse such as child labor, human trafficking , any form of hatred towards people because of race or color or for their way of being for that matter is unacceptable for we are one.

In some lifetime or another we have been black or white, abused or suppressed or even in this lifetime we have all experienced deep sadness, hate, rejection, or some form of loss on some level. My pain is no different from your pain simply because the heart has been wounded by lovelessness.

We have to keep on reminding ourselves that we are all brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, daughters and sons united in our human emotions and in our vulnerability. In effect, we are all human beings here to give and receive love and to shine our light as brightly as possible.

If we take away the labels of Refugee,Immigrant,Black, White, Muslim , Christian, Jew , Poor, Rich, Ugly, Beautiful etc ; then all that remains is a simple human being with a heart looking to carve his or her place in the world by sharing himself with the world and to be happy. 

Its labels that create separation,that place walls across our heart and close the heart. Its labels that fuel fear and hatred. We need to start looking from love and appreciate each individual for his or her own truth and beauty. Every person on this planet is valuable and has a right to Be.