Dear Beautiful Soul,

Have you felt that something is nudging you in a certain direction? Have you felt anxious because you know you are on the verge of transformation but you need some outside assistance.? Do you realize that those nudges are from your Soul and that your Soul has been calling out to you? How ready are you to meet its call?

Mankind is experiencing a huge shift at the moment and life can feel like a rollercoaster because of these shifts. As we are moving into a more heart centred consciousness and moving away from an ego centred consciousness, we are asked to radically change our way of being on all levels. Aligning with your Soul means aligning with the true You who is happy, healthy and an empowered creator. Alignment also means change as you are asked to change patterns and release all that is not serving your highest good. This process can be tough because you will have to let go of the familiar such as work, relationships. etc but also an unhealthy lifestyle fore example.The Soul flow program can assist you with this transformation by providing you with the guidance and tools needed to make these necessary life changes.

  • Do you feel moody and tired the whole time?
  • Are you afraid of revealing your True Self?
  • Are you feeling disempowered and or disconnected to Source?
  • Do you feel stuck and want your life to change but do not how to do this?

If you answered Yes ! to any of the questions, then this is the program for you!

Details of the Program

Soul flow is a Soul realignment program based on the 4 R’s ( Revelation, Release, Reconnection and Realignment.)The idea is to to join me on a 6 week journey in which we work on a holistic level combining the mind, body and spirit, so that you can get back into alignment. You will also be asked to make a conscious effort to create a healthy lifestyle, involving exercise and a healthy diet , if applicable. Mens sana in corpore sano -  a healthy mind rests in a healthy body.

The 4 R’s are composed of the following steps:

Step 1 : Revelation-  In this step we will dive deep down into your soul blueprint and I will offer you a divine soul profile reading in which your soul purpose and your gifts will be revealed to you as well as the illusions you have created for yourself.

Step 2  : Release-  In this step we release mental blocks and self limiting beliefs that are preventing you from becoming your loving authentic and empowered Self.

Step 3 : Reconnection- in this step we reconnect with the heart so that the mind and heart can be in alignment and you are able to  rediscover your Selflove.

Step 4 : Realignment-  In this step I upgrade your soul blueprint to its most utmost level.This entails a huge energetic clearing of all blocks, beliefs, and restores your soul blueprint to the point where your Soul first split from source or the point where your decision took you out of alignment with your Soul. Once completed, you will have regained more power, more clarity and more joy. And have a better sense of who you are.

How will the Soul flow program help you?

The program will help to:

  • Feel more empowered
  • Reconnect you with your intuition
  • Create more focus and clarity as to who you are and what your purpose is on earth

The Soul flow program applies amongst other tools: the Soul purpose system, aligned coaching, ancient healing methods and inner child techniques and the use of flower remedies.

You will receive:

  • 6 x 60 minute sessions involving tailor-made coaching and a flower remedy to support you
  • A recording of your 90 minute divine soul profile reading
  • A very powerful soul blueprint upgrade which will activate your blueprint to highest level for you
  • A workbook with assignments

Booking details:

This program is by application only. Please send an e-mail to for further details.

Eveline Zwikker is a Soul translator and Spiritual teacher based in the Netherlands, who teaches highly sensitive women with self esteem issues to realign with their soul and reclaim their power and divine gifts, so that they can live empowered lives. By being a powerful channel and catalyst, Eveline lovingly guides her clients to their Authentic Self.

What are you waiting for? Take the step towards a happier and healthier You!

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