Divine Soul Profile reading

A Divine Soul Profile reading is an intuitive reading that is profound and helps to illuminate the path you are presently on. This reading helps you to realign with your divine gifts and talents. It is  truly empowering, as the reading provides valuable insights into the challenges and the gifts your Soul has laid out in front of you, and also the physical and spiritual talents to overcome them. Knowing the talents you have been given by your Soul and how you are meant to express yourself fully will serve to unleash your fullest potential and put you on the path of joy and empowerment.


The key lies in the coding of your birthname. Your name is not a coincidence, but was given telepathically to you by your Soul to your parents. As a Soul translator, I channel the deeper meaning of your coding through an ancient system called the Soul Purpose system. The Soul Purpose system dates back to a sacred numerological system found in  Atlantean times and is based on the 22 Fireletters of the Hebrew Alphabet. Each Fireletter is related to a creation code found in your DNA. It is these codes that are responsible for shaping your reality.

My experience with these codes is that that you begin to see and understand how the pieces of the puzzle of your life fall into place. I have seen these insights take place in the people that have booked a reading with me.

Perhaps you have suffered from a lot of heartache due to failed relationships, or you seem to attract people who constantly dominate you, or you have a desire to be seen for who you truly are, but are afraid of  rejection? There is a reason behind all of this and hidden gifts.  By booking a  soul profile reading with me, you will not only discover the real reason behind your path, but also how you can lead with your talents to create the life you deserve, that is in alignment with who you really are.

The reading lasts 60 minutes and your investment is 100 Euros. Readings can be done  as a live private session or via zoom /skype. Readings can also be given in both English and Dutch.

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